What things do you need to notice if you are a sugar baby rookie??

Many sugar baby rookies don't know how to become a better sugar baby online, and they can't get practical tips from the classroom. The best thing to do is to search on Google for advice or success stories about sugar daddies and sugar babies, and then slowly explore the world of sugar daddies online.

To help those young college girls, models, and single mothers who have high hopes for sugar sweet life, here are some tips for sugar baby beginners to read and keep in mind.

Here are 6 things all sugar baby rookies should know:

Know yourself

There is no guarantee that you will find a sugar daddy just by looking at some successful sugar baby dates. Best of all, you need to know what lifestyle fits you. For example, whether you can tolerate your partner's flaws, what kind of flaws or personality you can't tolerate. Think for a while and ask yourself what kind of man you want to help you achieve what goals. This greatly increases your chances of meeting sugar and keeps your sugar daddy away from the wrong person.

Loyalty and sincerity really impress wealthy men

It's easy to let your sugar daddy spoil you and live the life of your dreams, but the key is knowing how to get there. Trust is the hardest thing to build between people, especially if you're building a relationship with a mature, experienced, rich man. If you can get the sugar daddy to trust you, you can stand out from the crowd. Online dating is new territory for sugar daddies and sugar babies, and everyone starts out just trying out new dating experiences. As a result, many sugar daddies may be dating you for the first time and have a low level of trust in you, which can be amplified for new sugar daddies.

In the eyes of successful men, young people make a bad impression on them. Young girls work as prostitutes, do drugs, do illegal things. So they don't want to be fooled. You have to understand, sugar daddy has enough money to find a luxury prostitute, but they don't, because they're looking for something special. Therefore, earn your trust, caution and cheerfulness, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Never, ever have sex on the first date with sugar daddy

There are no exceptions to this rule, whether you're seeking a sugar arrangement or a serious dating. Under no circumstances will we have sex on the first date or leave with the first gift or money on the first date. You're not a whore. You're not a new car. If you insist, you must say goodbye and leave. If you really want to, you should only have sex with your sugar daddy. Prostitutes have to have sex with men for money. It's their job and duty, but you don't. You have the right to decide if you want to have sex with your sugar daddy.

On the other hand, if he asks for sex on the first date, you probably won't make a deal. A real sugar daddy might test you on a first date to see if you're going to have sex with them, but if he insists he's not. Keep yourself safe and leave this man this morning based on the most important principles of dating.

Natural to talk about money

When you talk about money or what you need, don't do something unnatural. In short: don't be afraid to talk about money. You know you're a sugar daddy and he's a sugar daddy. Of course, it is necessary to be elegant and calm, and you must avoid saying "give me the fucking money" (just kidding). But obviously, finances matter, and that's why you're here. If we don't learn to talk about it, we may end up spinning around the subject without drawing any conclusions. You shouldn't go on a first date without knowing what you need and what your new sugar daddy can offer.

Say "no" to someone you don't like

Chances are you'll meet a guy with a personality you don't like on your first date and be brave enough to say "no". Just because he can give you money doesn't mean you can be wronged. Since your relationship is based on mutual benefit, the first step is to make each other happy and enjoy the process. As you experiment with sugar daddies and sugar babies, you may find people you don't like at all. These types of men have stereotypes about you and don't appreciate you. They usually think of themselves as the most important people in the world, full of themselves. All you can do is walk away from them and say "goodbye" gracefully.

Identify the fake sugar daddy

When you find out that the man next to you may not be a real sugar daddy, but a fake one, leave. This includes people who have not given you anything to improve your life in the sugar days of the past and who have not paid you a monthly sugar baby allowance following your agreement. Leave him and rediscover your ideal sugar daddy.