What are the most Attractions of dating a sugar daddy in Japan?

After a bad date, you may find that sugar daddy is not as good as we thought. But training your sugar daddy from the start will make your relationship more enjoyable.

Money is not a problem for the world's top 20 richest countries. Of course, Japan is no exception, they can afford what they want. Nowadays, with the rapid rise of prices, everything becomes more expensive. Outside Japanese universities, it is common to see young college girl dating a rich old man, because they need him to pay for her expensive bills.

It is exciting to date a sugar daddy in Japan is because of many reasons. First of all, you don't have to get on the bus or subway in order to get up early, you will have an individual driver to take you to school. You don't have to live in a crowded dormitory for high rent. The sugar daddy will rent you an apartment in the best area around the school.

Second, when your classmates are at the end of a semester, they can only come back home to help their parents with housework or go to work to earn tuition. You can travel abroad with your sugar daddy, go to concerts, shopping, whatever you want to do, the sugar daddy will try to satisfy you.

That's why compensated dating is so popular in Japan. Men pay women directly for dates, and other times they pay services to arrange them. It's more like a regular date, although the money is used to make connections rather than to strike up a conversation or romance.

However, there are some differences between sugar daddy dating and compensated dating in Japan. Compensated dating is a relationship usually in a very short time, maybe one or two times meeting. Sugar daddy dating is a kind of relationship with a longer time. It’s not just about compensated, it needs more connection, feeling inside. That’s why we know some sugar daddies marry their sugar babies.

One of the more exciting things about dating sugar daddy is that you can still wear the best-branded clothes, which for most of your friends is just a dream before they start working. If you want to buy those diamond earrings but can't afford them, it won't take much to get your sugar daddy to buy them for you. If you want to trade in a Gucci bag and a Louis Vuitton satchel for school, you can also buy one.

Going out with friends on shopping never requires careful planning and preparation of expenses. When you want to go shopping, you have two options; Take your sugar daddy and make him pay for everything.

Dating with a man who is older than you doesn't mean he'll be a burden to take care of in a few years. In Japan, many elderly people are in good health, so find a rich sugar daddy to pay for you, and you can enjoy your youth to the fullest.