4 reasons why sugar baby don't fall in love with a married sugar daddy

As we see that sugar baby and sugar daddy is an objective and reasonable companionship which called a mutually beneficial relationship. The sugar daddy plays a role in offering financial support and things that are needed by their sugar baby whereas the sugar baby gives companionship. While there are also a number of sugar babies and sugar daddies who had fallen in love with one another, such cases are very rare. Most of the sugar babies opt not to fall in love with a married sugar daddy for the following reasons:

1. Not good in the eyes of other people.

Love is never a rational emotional game. However, falling in love with a married man can be considered immoral behavior, especially in the eyes of others. Naturally, even sugar babies don't let themselves fall in love with a married man because they don't want to be the target of criticism and gossip. They still want to have a good reputation. That’s why they prefer not to disclose to others their relationship with a married sugar daddy. They also think that others may not accept them anymore if one will know about it.

2. Ruins the family and the relationship between the husband and wife.

Nowadays, having sex with a married man is looked down upon by anyone. First, there is already a family involved. What if this married man already has a child, or no, he still has a wife, and he promises not to betray and love him for the rest of his life? Of course, sugar babies also think that they can ruin the relationship of the two and definitely, they don’t want to experience a sleepless night thinking of the bad things that they have done to the couple. Therefore, it’s not good seeing that their sugar daddy’s wife getting hut and crying every night just because of them. Remember, they are also a woman. They also know the feeling of being hurt and rejected.

3. Their relationship with their married sugar daddy in considered as an affair on the bases of law

Naturally, sugar babies set a boundary that they will never be the legal wife of a sugar daddy. That's why, before they get into the relationship, they already think in their hearts that they will never fall in love with a married man. They already know that if they continue to fall in love with their sugar daddy, they will only have false hopes and be hurt. In this case, friendships and temporary relationships are enough for them.

4. Punishable by law.

When they are caught by their wives, sugar daddies will be required to pay alimony and will face numerous misconduct and legal issues. Wives can also Sue, which is one reason why most sugar babies don't want to fall in love with their sugar daddies.

Love has nothing to do with appearance, height, age, wealth or status in life. However, there are still exceptions to this rule, especially in the case of humans. There's nothing wrong with loving someone, but it's based on the fact that both of you are single, and if one of you is married, it's time to revisit the relationship. Thus, sugar baby will not fall in love with her sugar daddy especially he has married.